Chomp On These 6 Super Foods To Keep Your Eyes Healthy


“Sometimes the eye can say more than the mouth,” – Anonymous

When you lose your sight, you can no longer communicate with others, or read other’s eye! Eye does do a lot of talking, but only when they are active and healthy. After breathing, it’s your eyes that are most used and less cared for. In such a scenario, you must not leave your eye care to just annual visits to doctor or a headache that says you now have glasses. Instead, introduce right things to eat to improve your sight. Here are the best food items that one must consumer for an improved eye sight:

#1 Carrots



#2 Orange



As mentioned, oranges (coloured food and fruit itself) are the best for eyes! These tasty citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which may help improve the health of your eye tissue. In the eye, vitamin C may help regenerate other important antioxidants, such as vitamin E.

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